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About Us

Jana’s art tours are all about having a unique experience of a country and its culture while enhancing your painting skills and learning new techniques of creating reference drawings for those magnificent works you will create in your own time and space at home.

Commitment to ensuring all participants enjoy themselves, feel safe, feel included and often feel the “wow” factor in what they see and do is the prime objective of the team caring for you on tour.

Leader, Jana Vodesil-Baruffi is a successful artist having won many awards, participated in numerous exhibitions both solo and group, is the director of the Metamorphosis Art Gallery in WA and runs an art studio for students. Jana is a dedicated and experienced teacher keen to develop the skills of beginning and established artists. Jana believes taking art lovers/artists to other countries offers them the opportunity to experience beauty and inspiration outside of their own environment and in doing so expand their repertoire of tools and skills.

Other team members are Kevin Baruffi, group organizer, and Jean Wibrow who looks after the health and welfare of participants.

There are many reasons why you should join one of Jana’s art tours. They provide the opportunity to travel, enjoy and paint with likeminded people. There is the opportunity to paint every day and Jana provides personal tuition and workshops as required by the group. I can hear you saying “…but I’ve never painted outside, I will not be as good as the others.”  Don’t worry, Jana is happy to personally spend time with each of you before departure to give you tools and training so you can enjoy your painting experience. For those joining us from other states or towns other than Perth, Jana will send or email information and references so you can practise your skills.

The accommodation, travelling within the country, food and all those mundane things are taken care of so you can maximise your travelling and painting experience. Non painting partners and friends are welcome to come along and will be catered for with a variety of optional activities.

The option of taking a day off from touring to spend a quiet day, reading and relaxing with a glass of wine, or perhaps sketching or painting in the beautiful gardens is always there.

Groups are small allowing for individual tastes/preferences to be considered and achieved in an intimate, personalised and friendly environment.

For those who would like to participate, Jana will organize a collective exhibition of the finished artworks from the tour. You will have several months before the exhibition to complete your work, using your references from the tour.

Previous student art exhibitions have been a great fun and very successful.

Click here to see some testimonials from tour participants.

Jana’s art tours are conducted in the following destinations:

New Zealand

Tuscany and Cinque Terre

Prague, Zurich and Northern Italy

Sicily, Amalfi Coast and Capri

South Africa


Ah, Italy!  The more you see, the more you love. The more you love, the more you want to see. Italy is like a universe! You keep exploring it and as it unfolds in front of you, you keep finding more and more to explore.

Artists have always been drawn to Italy, and to Tuscany in particular. Jana is no exception, and after one visit we know you will love it too. It is easy to fall in love and be seduced by the magical beauty of the Italian landscape, climate and long rich cultural history. Italian people seem to know how to enjoy a lifestyle in a simple but stylish way. The beautifully harmonious balance of art, music, craftsmanship, architecture, fashion, food and wine will absorb you as soon as you place your foot on the Italian land. There is obvious pride in so many of the small things Italians do.

Every turn you take will reveal surprises – breathtaking views, little towns, amazing villas and palaces with their renaissance gardens, perhaps a small trattoria where you will have a meal you will never forget. One thing you will forget is your diet, but at the end of your visit you may discover that you have probably lost some kilos just from walking and exploring.

In Italy crafts and art are passed down from one generation to the next. Italy has been home to artisans of all kinds and the craft of making things by hand is still alive. You can see and visit the workshops of many artisans.  Whether you are interested in furniture and woodcraft, embroidery, hand crafted shoes, paintings, tableware and ceramics, leather, fashion, silk, woven fabrics, linen, fragrances, marble carving or landscape paintings, you will find them in Italy.

New Zealand



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