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I just got home last week, started work yesterday and I’m slowly settling in and getting over the jet lag. I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the tour – I could not imagine it having been any better. I loved it – the places, the painting, the things we did, the food and the group. It was the highlight of my trip. I can’t stop telling everyone how much I loved it all!




Dear Jana: Thank you for the lovely note – it was a very good group and a fantastic tour! – largely due to the wonderful leadership and care provided by you and Kevin. So many great memories! I think my notes are providing some ideas to contribute a little to your book. Words are not up to expressing the appreciation I feel for your patience and your ability to juggle beauties of the tour with moments of adversity. You are an amazing lady, Jana. And I thank you for everything.

Sincerely, Jean


Dear Jana, I am back! What a wonderful adventure it was, especially our time in beautiful Italy. I want to thank you and Kevin for all your efforts in organisation, taking us to places which would have been impossible alone, making sure that everyone was happy and well looked after – and the food! We will all look back on it in amazement I am sure. Having sorted through my sketches I find that I did more than I thought and have plenty of material to work on – with the help of many many photos (some good, some not-so-good!).




Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your 2015 tour to South Africa! From beginning to end, the planning and choice of accommodation, dining and tours was wonderful. We had such a great group, we couldn’t have wished for better companions – maybe that was not in your control but very good luck!

The mix of tours was great – cable car, city tour, area drives, wineries, galleries, gardens, sanctuaries, and the more serious tour of the Knysna Township with the amazing Ella – a reminder of different lives and fortunes. Then the utterly gorgeous game park you found for us – though whether you arranged for all the animals to come so close I’m not sure! A tour never to be forgotten.

And after your tour some of us continued to the Victoria Falls for a thorough soaking and a stunning view! A few Govt. service problems in Zimbabwe, but if you add V.Falls to your tour next time, no doubt you would arrange a full day with packed lunch for passage through the airport!!

Thanks Kevin and Jana. Here’s to the next time……

Ellie and Mike Stanley



There are many reasons why I enjoyed the Tuscany tour so much, both from an artist’s point of view and from being “one of the group generally”:

– Underlying everything was the superb organisation and planning, from those fantastic breakfasts every day, the daily trips to the Tuscan towns, and the dinner experiences. It was truly a feast of Tuscan culture, daily life and history.

– As an artist, I loved the opportunity to sketch or paint almost every day in a different town, and I still had time to be a tourist and enjoy the shops and food, as well as take innumerable photos for later paintings.

– I also gained a great deal from the 2-3 workshops we had and the plein air palette knife workshop was a real highlight for me, with the intense individual attention from you Jana.

– The villa accommodation was a highlight; it was always a treat to return each day to the comfort and wonderful Tuscan scenery.

– For me, the tour was a very unique blend of painting/sketching activities and more traditional tourist/cultural activities, and I particularly liked the way that I could choose, as an individual, what I wanted to emphasise on a particular day, but still feel very much part of the group.

– When I look back I am amazed how much we saw and experienced, though without ever feeling pushed or rushed. The villa rest days were important I think, in giving us breathing spaces (and laundry times of course!).

Were there any really negative points for me? I honestly cannot think of any.

Adrianne (Perth)


By stark contrast I have magic memories of misty Tuscan morning, sunshiny days and velvet evening with soft, perfumed breezes. In my mind’s eye I see ancient houses and towers peering from the hilltops down across gold and green patchwork fields embroidered with brillian red poppies.

I loved my villa unit.  I loved the wonderful shared breakfasts -My thanks to Zdenek, Jana and Jindriska!
For a bachelor girl it was delightful to share the wonderful meals and wines. Top marks for all the venues we enjoyed!

Sandra (Perth)


Hi Jana & Kevin,

I just wanted to send you a note to say a heartfelt “Thank You” for our recent trip to Italy.  Jim & I had an absolutely wonderful time and your organisation of each of the tours into the most wonderful villages and restaurants was outstanding with lots of little surprises along the way.  Even though on this trip I chose not to paint but rather spend my time on photography with Jim, we were thrilled that you looked after us equally as well as the Artist’s in the group and we were very grateful that Kevin gave up some of his valuable time and organised a bus excursion for us.  We really loved Cinque Terre and staying as a group in the one location in Tuscany was terrific along with all the amazing sites to see. Overall the food was simply amazing and we loved the Italian cooking demo…so much so that I have come home and made home made pasta on a couple of occasions and loved it!

Many thanks once again, we look forward to another future adventure with you.

Kym & Jim (Perth)



Our trip to Prague with Jana’s Art Tours was superlative in a number of very special ways but three stand out to us in testament to the quality of our experience.

Firstly, Prague itself. Having travelled widely in Europe before, Prague stands out to us because of its unique independent character, rich and turbulent history and the very best pilsner beer in the world. (I promised not to mention the girls).

Secondly, the way Jana and Kevin structured and ran this tour was of the highest order. No detail was missed in the combination of many and varied visits, meals and experiences. All the more poignant because Jana grew up and lived through the Communist era herself and so, was able to show us so much that you would not normally find. The personal and graphic glimpses of her past as a young artist growing up in such a strict regime will leave indelible memories behind.

Lastly, the group we went with and with whom we shared so much art, culture, history and good times. Jana and Kevin continually ensured the group had everything it needed, and this made for a relaxed and pleasant team willing to laugh a lot and have fun.

My wife Gail and I will forever be grateful to Jana and Kevin for the superb opportunity to join this art tour. The lovely memories and art will continue with us for a very long time to come.




Once again an exceptional Art Tour, New Zealand being my second experience with Jana & her team. Nothing is left to chance everything is meticulously mapped out, locations, accommodation, safety & care. I think they have the balance right. Jana’s demonstrations, plein air locations & the fabulous visits to local artists, all very inspiring. Not to mention the good company of like minded people & fabulous food & wine. They definitely do their home work.

I have over the last 10 years been on numerous tours with exceptional artists, but Jana definitely has the balance right. I am now preparing to go on my 3rd tour with her so she is definitely got it right. After one of Jana’s tours you’ll come home with so much material & inspiration (& Photos & sketches) there will be no stopping you. Also Jana takes all the materials, how great is that?!

Once again many thanks.

Marjorie (Mandurah WA)



Firstly, I had THE most wonderful trip, thanks in the most part to you, and of course, Kevin. I realised several life-long dreams on this holiday: I saw David, the Sistine Chapel and SNOW!! Had you not organised this experience this would never have happened as I would probably never have made the trip on my own. So I owe you a great depth of gratitude.

Jan (Perth)


The highlights for us were quality of the accommodation, the location of the villa and its panoramatic views, the thought and local knowledge put into the choice of excursions, the food in the villa and the local restaurants. And above all, your caring and considerate attention to our needs…Thank you again. Also really enjoyed the relaxing days in the villa the art workshops that were very helpful with lots of good tips and information, which wonderfully summarised so much art theory.

Andrea and Paul (Queensland)



Hi Jana

Jayden and I finally made it home to Perth, and already miss the green hills of Tuscany! We had an incredible holiday and have so many happy memories to share with family and friends. Many thanks to Kevin and yourself for a wonderful trip – we will never forget it!

Christine and grandson Jayden (Perth)

Hi all,

Well wasn’t that a great holiday, Carolyne and I thoroughly enjoyed it, and all the good company!!!!!! And the food!!!!! Looking forward now to producing the fruits of that experience on canvas. Again a big thanks to Jana and Kevin for all their efforts in bringing it about.

Gary and Carolyne (Perth)


This was one of the best trips in my life, as it provided a theme for the trip which is so near and dear to my heart. It provided a beautiful mix of walking and sightseeing, art history, mixing with like-minded people and drawing in a relaxed and inspiring environment. We followed a thread, the thread of art and this is the best way to learn of a different culture. Your organisation was flawless and you made us feel completely at home in a different country. Thank you very much, Jana, you are a Teacher with a capital T! And thanks to Kevin as well, you two looked just too happy to have us there and sometimes I felt as if we were your children – and we felt perfectly well!

Lots of love, Daniela and Ivan (Perth)


Well, what can I say about the Art Tour to Tuscany, it was PERFECT. The planning, the meticulous attention to detail, the food.. ah the food, the wonderful company. A once in a lifetime experience. I know that everyone I spoke to, both Artists and Non-Artists, thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

I can’t wait now to start painting and turn my sketches and photographs into the finished product.

Syd (Perth)

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