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Why Tour With Us ?

How many times have I heard people say “I have always wanted to do that!

Here is the opportunity to travel, enjoy and paint with likeminded people.

Let someone else organize the accommodation, travel, food, and all those mundane things so you can maximize your travelling experience. There is no need to leave your partner or friend home; they too are catered for with a variety of experiences offered. And there will still be plenty of time left to spend together.

During the painting sessions partners and non-painters will be guided to interesting places and learn more about the culture, art, cuisine and great wines of Italy – and definitely have lots of fun!

Of course there is always the option of taking a day off from touring to spend a quiet day by the pool, reading and relaxing with a glass of wine, or perhaps painting in the beautiful gardens of our villa.

I can hear you saying “…but I’ve never painted outside, I will not be as good as the others.” Don’t worry, Jana will personally spend time with each of you before departure and will give you tools and training so you can enjoy your painting experience.

If you will be joining us from other states or towns, Jana will send or email information and references so you can practise your skills.

To further prepare for your trip to Italy, Jana will hold workshops on “How to Paint on Your Travels” in March and April 2010. Please contact her for further details.

As part of the tour you will be provided with new “artist quality” art materials and a cushion (for comfort when sitting on stairs and uneven surfaces in the unique and exciting locations where we will be painting). These essentials will be waiting for you in your room when you arrive.

Our goal is to minimize the inconvenience of packing and unpacking. We will be based in a beautiful villa in central Tuscany, and conduct our daily travels from there. The villa will become your comfortable home for the duration of your tour.

For those who would like to participate, Jana will organize a collective exhibition of the finished artworks from the tour. You will have several months before the exhibition to complete your work, using your references from the tour.

Previous student art exhibitions have been a great fun and very successful.

Why tour with us? Why not!

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