Creativity Has No Boundaries!

Whilst it has been a long time since I wrote the last blog, creativity in my studio has continued. My students have been busier than ever.  

Below is an amazing display of some of their art works. I encourage my students to explore and try different things until they find something that clicks with them. Luckily I am pretty versatile myself and can be of assistance to everyone. Therefore you will see paintings in many different styles, techniques and mediums.  

Examples from Wednesday evening classes. Tutored portrait session alternate with life drawing sessions. Check the dates and times on my website. 

I do encourage new students to start with pencils and focus on correct dimensions, comparing positive and negative spaces, angles and sizes. For those who are more confident I can’t stress enough the importance of strong darks to help in creating a dynamic contrast. 

This is an example of a freehand drawing on coloured paper. The paper’s colour serves me as a mid tone, charcoal creates dark values and white charcoal enhances the light.

A few photos from our children’s play day in the gallery. Something we would like to expand into a big community art fair next year. We hope you all would like to be involved and help this dream become a reality.

Two great works above from John Gourley and John Kaye, full of spatial and atmospheric perspective.

An unusual contemporary work from Carolyn Baker and a detail of a realistic art-work still in progress by Suzana Bozanic.

Two great palette knives in oil from Leigh Thorp and Jen Perry. 

There is so much more I could show you! Next time.  

It is not just great art that is created in my studio but also great friendships.  

It is a joy to work with all of you!!!!

Jana Vodesil-Baruffi