Do You Really Like To Paint?

I was ‘shooting’ the breeze with my friend the other day and we got to talking about art and the difficulties of starting and practicing (shocking, I know! haha).

She tells me that she has always, since school, wanted to paint but having a family, kids and work occupies all of her time.

Well I have heard a lot of these complaints over the years and there is only one question I need to ask… Do you really like to paint and why?

‘Of course I do, I wouldn’t talk about it otherwise’ she said.

So we chatted away and pulled some paper out, listing all the reasons why and positive results that would come from it, for her and all involved. Suddenly it was not difficult to find and justify three hours a week for something that would benefit all.

Time just slipped away from us and so I gave her my card with the website to check all the classes and workshops she can enjoy and be apart of.

I left happy, knowing that another person will fulfil their longing for creativity.

Jana Vodesil-Baruffi