Importance Of Working With Like-Minded People

Monday is a special day for me; my computer is switched off for the majority of the day because it is when I paint with Steve in the studio!

As you may know I am preparing for couple of solo exhibitions: one of them about the Kimberley. Here is my most recent painting (all done with palette knife).


Painting with a friend is great stuff. You should try to find yourself a buddy to bounce the ideas off or come to our Art Club on Wednesday, Friday or Saturday. You create a friendship with like-minded artists, you learn from each other and you have our tuition and helping hand, all wrapped up into 3 hours of creative energy (they go far too fast).

Besides being challenged with constructive criticism I get loads of other input from Steve, like music education and funny English humour. Of course we also talk about the classes and workshops and here is Steve’s summary of the last life drawing session and the last workshop.

* * *

Hi Art Lovers,

What a great night that was enjoyed by everyone who attended the life drawing session last Wednesday, and a little light instruction by Jana and Steve was a huge success. We will continue to do this for anyone who needs instruction for the next few sessions. As usual our regulars will be invited to draw as in previous sessions. This time we had a female model and we did a combination of short and long poses. Looking forward to the next one which is Wednesday 2nd March, same time same place. Book soon if you have not been before.

Yesterday was the first of the contouring workshops (abstracts) which I would like to give a big thank you to those who attended, and for making it a wonderful day. Everyone started a little shakily at the beginning of the day after the power point presentation, but by lunch time there was definitely an air of satisfaction in the studio as people started to improve their techniques. The day finished around 3.30pm when everyone went home with waggy tails. My advice is to keep practicing and at the next one you can show the others how it’s done. Thanks again, great work.

Kind Regards,


* * *

Jana Vodesil-Baruffi