Missing The Summer Nomads

What is happening? It could not be so cold in Perth? Half of my class are following the warm weather, traveling up North or overseas. Ask my remaining students and they will tell you “We like it, more attention to us”. But hey, I still miss you! To all those who are away: have fun, play safe and practice some drawing.

There is no better practice than sketching on your travels; making quick decisions, describing what is in front of you while you are waiting for friends, standing in the queue to see some historical monument or just having a cup of coffee. Always pack your sketchbook, a few pencils, pens and a small set of watercolours with you. Accompany your sketches with written commentary about the weather, atmosphere and your feelings about the place. Some amazing paintings can be created from these when you are back in the studio, or just leave those as beautiful memories for the future generations in your family. Some little examples from my travels.

Below is a short summary of what is happening in my studio this week.

The tonal realistic portrait course started with a great number of people trying their skill in portraiture. We moved from precise drawing to the first layer of colour using the glazing and scumbling technique; transparent layers of colour applied over the light or dark base. This is a very versatile technique that can be used at almost any stage in your painting, over the white canvas or over already solidly applied and dry paint. The purpose is creating subtle changes in colours and a more three-dimensional appearance.

Perfect drawing from Daniela and first thin layer of oil from Shannan – all is going well at this stage. Let’s see if they can continue with the patience this technique requires. 

The rest of my classes went really nicely with some great works finished and starting. 

Ivy finished a fun portrait of her grandchildren and Carolyn of her baby son – these portraits will become treasured family memories.

Leigh finished another palette knife landscape. Jane is working on an amazing pastel and many other beautiful works being born in every class.

Sylvia finished this amazing night scene of which I have received a print as a token of appreciation with a card that brought tears to my eyes.

Love you all and lets hope that we will have many more years to share our time together.