Value Of Encouragement

Here is a beautiful letter from a very talented artist, that I would like to share with you to see how important it is to seek someone you can work with, ask for help or just inspiration.

Wherever you are do not give up, look around and find yourself a kinder spirit.

* * *

Hi Jana,

Very cool video!

I am so disappointed that I have only found you and Steve in the last few months…you are both EXACTLY what I have been searching for over the last 2 years of my art and painting “awakening”.

I really have enjoyed the very short time that I have been so blessed with to spend with you both, and I really am thankful that Steve asked me to join you both after attending the impressionism course at the end of 2015.

I am in the process of packing everything for the move to Victoria (Sorry I missed last Wednesday session Steve, I sold my car and Melanie’s car was in for a new clutch and with everything that is happening, I didn’t even realise that today was Wednesday!!!) and I am leaving the packing of my canvases and paints til last so that if I get a moment I can put brush to canvas! It’s a whirlwind at the moment and I feel swept up within it, but I know it is for my families best interest….as much I would love to be selfish and stay in Perth to really kick my art into gear, I know I have my families best interests at heart!

Jana, Please keep posting the videos of how you do what you do…I will definitely keep watching them for inspiration of my own work. I hope that one day I can come along for one of your tours “abroad” and whenever I am back visiting in Perth I will try my best to catch up with you both.  I intend to keep in touch and I will be badgering you for “distant” instruction and help, see how I go but if it becomes a regular thing, I will be happy to pay the club membership to stay in touch online.

In the small time I spent with you both, I had such inspiration to do more original work…so whenever I feel stuck, I guess it will be a good reason to come and visit to be inspired!

I wish you both the very best in everything you do, please keep inspiring and sharing your knowledge with others. I honestly feel I am missing out by moving away. If someone else only gets half of what I learned from you both in such a short time, they will be touched forever.

My sincerest best wishes,


* * *

Jana Vodesil-Baruffi